Installing NVIDIA Tesla T4 in the Amazon EC2 G4 Instances

This post explains the process of installing NVIDIA Tesla T4 drivers on openSUSE images specifically designed for Amazon EC2 G4 Instances.

First remove nouveau module kernel.

rmmod nouveau

Download the NVidia driver and run it.

sudo sh

Done. Use the force!

Available oneAPI Level-Zero 1.10.0 version in openSUSE.

The latest version (1.10.0) of the ‘oneAPI’ Level-Zero Application Programming Interface (API) is available for OpenSUSE Linux and XYZ platforms. This API offers direct-to-metal interfaces for offloading accelerator devices, and its programming interface can be customised to fit any device requirements. It also supports a wide range of language features, such as function pointers, virtual functions, unified memory, and I/O capabilities.

Add repository and install manually

For standard run the following as root:

zypper addrepo
zypper refresh
zypper install level-zero

More information : HERE