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Library of oneAPI-TBB version 2021.9.0 available for openSUSE Linux.

Build version 2021.9.0 and update the latest version of the oneTBB is a flexible C++ library that simplifies the work of adding parallelism to complex applications, even if you are not a threading expert. The library lets you easily write parallel programs that take full advantage of the multi-core performance. Add repository and install manually…

Library of oneAPI-DNN version 3.1 available for openSUSE Linux.

Build and update 3.1 version of the oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN) is an open-source cross-platform performance library of basic building blocks for deep learning applications. oneDNN is part of oneAPI. The library is optimized for Intel(R) Architecture Processors, Intel Processor Graphics and Xe Architecture graphics. Add repository and install manually For standard run…

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